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Enjoy the entire process of the job search by having all the information about the Client that you want to work for.


Use our platform to contribute with comments, ratings, jobs or any other information for the clientFYI lets you do that.


Develop insights making our data work for you while making better-informed decisions with our powerful set of open source free exchange of reviews and ratings – first of its kind


Find the job that you deserve

Our Mission

Help Job seekers find the job they deserve by providing all the information about a client in our portal thereby empowering them to know, learn and prepare to be presented to the Client. Everything you need to know about the Client is provided free by PingJob

About PingJob

PingJob.com is the next generation Job portal for the Social and Mobile Generation. PingJob.com is a unique, one of a kind, online Job Portal featuring corporate jobs with social tools for users to have an interactive discussion about the Client, Job and free exchange of ideas. One of the benefits offered by PingJob.com is to display the vendors that that Client has in their approved list. This Vendor list is made available in many ways ( by the Client, the vendor agency  assigns himself in the portal and the job seeker from his/her experience, knowledge or forum assigns the vendor to the Client), This feature dramatically increases the ability of the job seeker in getting the right job at the shortest possible time. The Client is greatly served by having to consider candidates from a pool of resumes, comments, and opinions.

PingJob is one of the world’s innovative and cost-effective job and recruiting portals.

Built on the foundation of knowledge-based transparency in seeking to make the candidate available to the client and client jobs directly. PingJob offers, unlike other job sites, all of this information is shared and available free of cost by those who know a Client best — the Job Seekers. In turn, job seekers on PingJob are well-researched and more informed about the jobs and Clients they apply to and consider joining. This is why thousands of clients across all industries and sizes turn to PingJob to help them recruit and hire quality candidates at scale who stay longer.

PingJob is headquartered in Novi, Michigan



  • Aug: New redesigned Site Launched
  • Jun: Launches in India and Singapore


  • Jun: Completes acquisition of PingJob.com
  • Apr: PinJob surpasses over a million hits since launch


  • Sep: Opens office in Michigan
  • Jun: Proves ‘Provider of all relevant information Model ‘– unique and never before tried
  • Feb: Introduces new look & feel along with never before features like reviews and ratings


  • Jan: PingJob launches with a bold and revolutionary idea of displaying only client jobs

Raises new funding after hitting milestones

Each day we help job seekers and Clients connect, giving people a chance to find their calling and many Clients a chance to find and hire top talent to help grow their business.

What we do

Making Job Data Available and actionable For Everyone

Over the past 3 years, PingJob has helped millions of people find jobs and has equipped Clients with the talent they need. It’s what we do and we do it better than anyone else. For Job Seekers, we are the portal where they have all the details (Clients past jobs, Vendors associated with the client, Contact persons and ratings and reviews for these jobs and clients)

Our Transparency effectively replaces the time consuming, manually tedious and error-prone task of scanning thousands of resumes to fit a job. PingJob’s highly automated, relevant candidate recommendation system has proven its value for 1000's of Clients in the USA over three years.

We’re an end-to-end human capital solutions Client. But, that just means that we combine the best in transparency, software and services to help clients find, hire and manage great talent. As an industry leader, we work with clients big and small, providing cutting-edge solutions for everything from recruiting to employment through a unique knowledge-based model.

You can find PingJob and our subsidiaries in the U.S and Asia.

Staffing Agencies

Staffing Agencies use PingJob’s ecosystem of over 6,000 IT staffing Agencies instant access to thousands of consultants for quick onsite short term assignments. Our integrated talent matching technology greatly benefits the large staffing agencies with multiple recruiters, by reducing over 99% of their sourcing time and effort in identifying resumes that most fit a job or project requirement, from among internal as well as external candidates or third party agencies.  


Candidates Posting resumes and applying to jobs are completely FREE for candidates. By posting the resume in our site, candidates are assured that their profiles are reviewed and under consideration by the people who matter with the position – these include the client and or the approved vendors. We have seen this resulting in a dramatic increase in the probability of matching the right resumes for the positions. Our system completely eliminates the need for search and connects them with the right job opportunity multiple times a day. This allows the candidates to get connected with recruiters swiftly by responding to a job via mobile or email or apply online. We bring global opportunities for highly experienced technology professionals and enable them to work in the USA and Asia and will soon be rolling out this feature for the rest of the world.


To understand how PingJob.com differs from other Jobsites please refer to the table below

Features                       Indeed                CareerBuilder/ Dice          LinkedIn     

Display of Jobs

Only Clients (End-user only)

Thousands of jobs mostly by non-end user

Thousands of jobs mostly by non-end user

Mandatory Login and focused mostly on indirect Social outreach


  1. Real-time Resumes count
  2. End Clients count
  3. Contacts count
  4. Comments for Jobs/Clients
  5. Zip Code Job /Client count

Only total jobs and mostly non-IT jobs ( generated by search result)

Only total jobs with no Client Information. Mostly by staffing firms resulting in same jobs posted by multiple agencies.

Offers the ability to create online job postings to advertise open positions at your Agency which can be expensive and does not provide relevant information.


Jobseeker is empowered to rate the vendor/Client/Job





The algorithm uses a combination of favorable Ratings and paid subscriber to display the vendors on top.

Generic Google-like search result

From their posted jobs

From their posted jobs

Comments/ interactive

Jobseeker is empowered to post comment, suggestions, and experience on any client and any job.



Restricted to only paid users


All resumes are available to relevant registered users thus avoiding spam, mass mails, and unwanted emails.

Emails are sent from Portal – difficult to manage.

Emails are sent from Portal – difficult to manage.

Levels are restricted and favors paid users

Job Posting

Available for Jobseeker (Free). Peer to Peer





100% IT Jobs





The need PingJob solves:

PingJob.com is the most empowered and knowledgeable job seeker that the client can ask for.

Vendors - PingJob.com gives the ability for vendors to attract the best talent using the rating tool available for job seekers. Anyone who is logged in can rate the vendor, list their experience, drop a comment and know who their competitors are. The ability to have a history of all the jobs with the client will enable them to plan their procurement as per the client needs.

The Vendor is motivated to consider candidates from PingJob.com since the vendor is aware of his responsibilities, competitiveness and the quality of the resources that are available through PingJob.com.

Jobseekers spend less time in going after positions that they don’t have any information about to start with and they are fully empowered in every stage of the job cycle (pre (knowledge), during (the ease and the tools available) and post (sharing experiences, comments, and ratings).

Visitors - PingJob.com is an open, challenging and futuristic idea in recruiting. Anyone can participate, comment and rate the Client, Job, and the Vendor. The mission is to empower the job seeker.

Above all PingJob is Informative, fun, engaging and social and our propitiatory and unique knowledge-based portal makes the visitors well informed before, during and after the job Search.  

PingJob.com is running for the last 4 years with average traffic of about 18,000 hits a day. The number of clients in the database exceeds 75,000 and over 22,200 Vendors is added by the users in the last 5 years with over 21,000 contacts.

What: PingJob.com is the first and foremost Job information portal. Each and every job comes with all the relevant information (historical Jobs from the client, Vendors, user experience, vendor ratings, etc…) PingJob.com is the first and one of a kind.

Who: Serve the Social and Mobile generation making it easy for them to access, search and apply for the job. PingJob.com integrates with Facebook, Twitter, and other social websites in order for the jobseeker land on the right job.

Why: The future of job search is a world where dice, monster, and CareerBuilder have little relevance showcasing 10s of thousands of jobs with the job seeker having little or no information more than what is posted on these sites.